Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Kube Studios Birmingham

Kube Studios Birmingham

Kube Studios' latest offering is a state of the art studio in Birmingham's Digbeth just south of the city centre. Don't get it confused with Kube Productions just a few doors away.

We want you the users of Kube Studios to review it here:

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Did it help you become a model?

Was their advice any good?

Was the quality of product and service good?

What was the price like?

Be honest, be impartial, and help others make a decision...

Please not these companies are photography studios and will not be able to sign you as a professional model. If you would like a suggestion of an alternative studio, look up Fusion Studios. Read up about Fusion Studios first though by reading their official blog. However, for more information about Kube Studios watch this Youtube video about them on their Youtube channel.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Welcome to Fusion Studios

Fusion Studios Fusion Studios

Fusion Studios specializes in fashion photography. We are an award winning photography studio based in Manchester and have everything you need to shine as a model. Come to a modelling day and feel like a celebrity with access to top stylists, published photographers and experienced makeup artists at your disposal. No other fashion photography studio does more to help models stand out from the crowd.

Fusion Studios photography studios in London offer the following services, which include:

Consultation - Fusion Studios have a range of modelling consultation packages to ensure you make the most of your experience at Fusion Studios. These are specialised to men, women, kids and family, boudoir and modelling portfolios. Our experts will guide you through which photoshoot style is best for you. If you have a scrap book of ideas to bring with you to the shoot, or any other sources of inspiration feel free to bring them with you!

Make Up - At Fusion Studios you will have access to make up artists the have the experience to make you look your best. We don't cut corners or rush you, we are perfectionists and won't rest until we achieve the look you want. Read Fusion Studios reviews on Qype to find out more about how we can make your day at our studios unforgettable.

Hair Styling - Our hair stylists have years of experience and are selected by us because they get the job done. They are talented individuals who are passionate about their work. At Fusion Studios they will work with you to achieve the look you desire and prepare you for your photoshoot. If your looking for a makeover, our professionals can create a stunning new look and style.

fusion studios model

Photoshoot - Our photographers will guide you through your shoot, as you don't need years of experience to look like you do! We have worked with many models over the years, and have the expertise to get the look you want. Our advise will ensure your pose is the best it can be and you feel confident in front of the camera. Fashion photography is what we do, trust us to bring out the best in you.

Viewing - Finally, time to view the amazing results you have been waiting to see. The photographer may take around 50 pictures of you in a range of different amazing outfits, you have to chose the best. You select the images you want and decide how many to keep, the choice is yours. Read our terms and conditions page here to find out more.

Get in touch with Fusion Studios by visiting their website:

Follow Fusion Studios on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook too! See you soon :)

fusion studios modelling

They are not a modelling agency, but a photography studio and are based in Manchester. Watch this video about this photography studios here:

Read modelling news stories, including that of Kube Studios models. If you want a great modelling agency then visit their website for information on how to join one - they are a fashion photography and advice studio..

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Prospect Models Website Down - Prospect Model Management Contact Details

As of 10 July 2013 it looks like the Prospect Models website has been taken offline by genuine agency Premier Models claiming breach of copyright.
Prospect Models Website Down
Prospect Models Website Down

The Prospect model management Facebook page is pretending nothing is wrong by saying it is due to "technical issues"! It is not, it is because the Prospect models website was blatantly copied from a real model agency!

It is only a matter of time before Prospect Models goes the same way as their website so be very careful paying them for anything as you are unlikely to get your money back.

Visit Kube Studios on Facebook
And have a look at Kube Studios on Twitter
Also, don't forget to check out Kube Studios reviews online too.
For More information about Kube Studios, watch this video:

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Is Startup Models an effctive way of becoming a Model?


This is a well known brand that has helped countless models, both new and experienced, young and old, kick start their modelling career or simply improve their chances in an evolving and highly competitive arena.

Their website  start up models has all the information you need in order to familiarize their services to you. On application they will address your needs and put in place an action plan, they call the 5 step process. It goes something like:

1. Decide to become a model
2. See if you have what it takes, and learn which areas are suitable to you
3. Get the right tools to help you stand out
4. Self promote online or to agencies
5. Get signed and get working!

It basically follows the common sense route into modelling, offering bespoke advice depending on where you are at in your journey, where you are located, and what your chances are.

They offer a free consultation, and only once you agree the next step do they then offer you paid for services. The most common is a portfolio building service for those without professional photos (how are you going to find work without a CV?)

To use their services, and get a free consultation, sign up on their website which is free and free from commitment!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Who Needs Model Portfolio Photo Shoots?

What is a model portfolio?

A model's portfolio is collection of their best photos that they use to show prospective clients to secure work and bookings for modelling jobs. It is not something that can be produced in a single shoot and should show the variety and selection of styles of work the model is looking for. A modelling portfolio is not something that can be produced from a single shoot and would normally include "tear sheets" - copies of any published work that the model has appeared in.

A model portfolio is NOT needed to apply to modelling agencies if you are a brand new model

Who needs a modelling portfolio?

A freelance model working on their own needs a portfolio to be able to show prospective clients the versatility of looks they have from previous shoots.

An agency model will have a modelling portfolio that the agency use to show clients to arrange bookings for modelling jobs like Adora Model Management

Someone wanting to be a model and wanting to apply to model agencies DOES NOT need a modelling portfolio. They need to send clear photos showing face and figure

This is advice from the Association of Model Agents and from all the top Modelling Agencies -the photo studios selling model portfolio shoots will insist that you need a portfolio to apply to agencies but this is not true. While you read this, get your boyfriend to watch this video about Footballer Direct services! 

Who Needs a Model Portfolio Photo Shoot?
Who Needs Model Portfolio Photo Shoots?

For more information about modelling contact Kube Studios. You can also find out more about UK property with Springbok Properties reputation here. 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

La Mode Model Studios featured on BBC's The One Show

The One Show on BBC1 featured a piece about La Mode which is not a model agency but specialised in selling portfolio shoots to potential models for up to £2000.

We have been contacted in the past by people who have signed credit agreements for £2750 with La Mode so it is good to see that the BBC are highlighting this issue. They also interviewed Rylan Clark who had appeared on TV talent shows who said he would never paid as much as £300 for a photo shoot.

A rep for the Association of Model Agencies confirmed the advice we have given for years - you do not need to buy an expensive modelling portfolio to apply for modelling work.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Has Capri Models & Pacha Studios Closed Down?

Has Capri Models and Pacha Studios closed down? Complaints about Capri Models seem to be growing on their Facebook page

It appears from comments on their Facebook page that when people turned up for a shoot their premises are closed and they are not answering their phones. Lots of people are searching for the Capri Models phone number probably to get a refund of their deposit money.

There have also been no posts on their official Facebook page since March 2013 and the same with their Twitter account.

Has Capri Models and Pacha Studios Closed Down?
Capri Models Pacha Studios Closed Down?

Maybe too many people had realised that paying thousands for a model portfolio to a company that was not a model agency was no way to guarantee becoming a model or getting work.

If you are out of pocket from paying money to Capri Models for a deposit or a portfolio shoot then you may want to speak to Trading Standards to find out your options.

Other open Sun Bingo studios include Kube Studios.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Does Model Guides Work? Model Guides Advice Review

Is Model Guides a Good Way to Break Into Modelling?

All the adverts and information on the Model Guides website gives the impression that Model Guides is a modelling platform that helps aspiring models break into the industry. But does it actually work and succeed in helping careers in modelling take off?

Is Model Guides a Scam Model Agency?
Does Model Guides Work?

Model Guides cannot find you modelling jobs if you are looking for work - they are not a modelling agency - but they do provide a tried and tested method of getting started.

Model Guides Review

Model Guides is a photo studio and advice service. They can cater for aspiring models across the country, in particular clients based in or around Manchester, Birmingham, and London.

Model guides reviews
Model guides reviews
Model Guides has been running for almost 5 years and various review sites on the internet provide positive feedback about previous client's experiences. The vast majority are positive although there is no guarantee that any platform or indeed agency can launch a career for absolutely everyone.

Model Guides feedback
Model Guides feedback
 Their principle aim is to service the needs of both working experienced models, and to help aspiring models get a foot on the ladder. We have seen many comments over the years from agencies and models alike who have successfully used their services.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Serene Kay Models Reviews - Studio 101 Great Portland Street

There have been a few questions about a company called Serene Kay Models. According to their website they have been around for 5 years and run all over Europe. Rather odd that their website has only existed since January 2013 and there appears to be no European version of it.

Bogus claims by Serene Kay Models exposed

Serene Kay Models Reviews - Is Serene Kay models a scam?
Serene Kay Models Reviews

Serene Kay models was setup by a company called New Wave Fashion Management and seem to send their applicants to a photo studio called Studio 101 in London. This may well be a studio owned by them.

From the information posted online it appears they are not telling the whole truth to new models and are trying to sell portfolio photo shoots under the guise of you needing copyright of the photos. This is untrue; a model does not need to own the copyright of their photos in order to use them for their portfolio. All that is required is permission to use which is very different.

Serene Kay Models work with Studio 101 and advertise for new models on Gumtree castings



online reputation management 

Domain name:

        new wave fashion management lt

    Registrant type:
        UK Limited Company, (Company number: 7277120)

    Registrant's address:
        portland place
        32 portland place
        W1B 1NA
        United Kingdom

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

LUXE Models Review - Is it Free? Kube Studios Services

LUXE Models Review : Is it Free?

LUXE Models UK is not a model agency. It is a Model Advisory Service that has seen success through helping aspiring models’ with portfolios. Over the years we have heard many success stories from aspiring models who have gone some way to achieving their goals with the help of LUXE Models UK.

So, is LUXE Models free?

LUXE Models provide both free and paid for services. They offer advice and guidance to prospective models. A model consultant will usually start the process off by better understanding the needs of the model.

There is no fee for their advice, so it is worth taking it. They offer portfolio services too, helping you to build and update your portfolio or start from scratch. LUXE Models own a number of studios across the UK where the model can have the shoot. The shoot itself is free, and often hosted by a model (such as Jasmia Robinson from Britain's Next Top Model).
There is a cost if you want to buy any of the photos after the shoot. This is the quid-pro-quo. They are of course hoping that if the shoot goes well and you want to take the next step into modelling, that you will buy some of the images.

The LUXE Models site makes is clear they are not a modelling agency. It's definitely a good place to start for advice if you're looking to break into modelling.

LUXE Models are using feedback reviews and testimonials on their website. 

If you find the information in this blog helpful please click to visit some of the advertisers at the side as they help keep the information available here to people.

LUXE Models

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Kube Studios

Visit Kube Studios and find out more about them in their blog. Read more about Lady Monika Bacardi and her work with Kube Studios agency here. If you are a model and need a UK spouse VISA for work then look no further.

Monday, 7 January 2013

How to Find Genuine UK Model Agencies

If you are looking to find a genuine modelling agency then the AMA (Association of Model Agencies) have a list of their members on their website:

Genuine UK Model Agencies

The problem is that most model agencies are extremely selective and a very small percentage of applicants get in. This leaves the way open for places like Capri Models to accept anyone who comes in for a shoot even though they are not a model agency and cannot advise on suitability.

Remember you should never have to pay a deposit to a model agency - they find you work not charge you to turn up!

If you just require a photo shoot, not a modeling agency, or want to be a freelance model, you can try a number of photography studios in the UK including LUXE Models, Kube Studios, Fusion Studios or UK Models. These companies are not modelling agencies, so you do not need to go through them to be a model.