Friday, 28 June 2013

Who Needs Model Portfolio Photo Shoots?

What is a model portfolio?

A model's portfolio is collection of their best photos that they use to show prospective clients to secure work and bookings for modelling jobs. It is not something that can be produced in a single shoot and should show the variety and selection of styles of work the model is looking for. A modelling portfolio is not something that can be produced from a single shoot and would normally include "tear sheets" - copies of any published work that the model has appeared in.

A model portfolio is NOT needed to apply to modelling agencies if you are a brand new model

Who needs a modelling portfolio?

A freelance model working on their own needs a portfolio to be able to show prospective clients the versatility of looks they have from previous shoots.

An agency model will have a modelling portfolio that the agency use to show clients to arrange bookings for modelling jobs like Adora Model Management

Someone wanting to be a model and wanting to apply to model agencies DOES NOT need a modelling portfolio. They need to send clear photos showing face and figure

This is advice from the Association of Model Agents and from all the top Modelling Agencies -the photo studios selling model portfolio shoots will insist that you need a portfolio to apply to agencies but this is not true. While you read this, get your boyfriend to watch this video about Footballer Direct services! 

Who Needs a Model Portfolio Photo Shoot?
Who Needs Model Portfolio Photo Shoots?

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