Friday, 10 June 2011

How much should I pay for model portfolio?

Some new models ask "How much should I pay for model portfolio?"

The answer is - it depends! You should never pay a makeover studio for a model portfolio or go to a model portfolio company to buy a portfolio to apply to model agencies. Model agencies want to see natural shots and ones you have taken yourself are fine as long as they are clear and show what you look like.

You do not need to spend £1000 on a portfolio as some companies in London would have you believe. If you need to spend money on a photo shoot for a portfolio and are advised to do so by a real model agency (not a fake company selling photos by pretending to be an agency) then they will recommend suitable photographers.

As a rough rule of thumb you can get photos from an amazing photographer for well under £500, many would be able to do the shoot for £300 or so. These would be specific to you and not the standard factory shots you would get from the main London portfolio photo studios.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Talent Search agency: is it a fake?

The Advertising standards authority (ASA) has today ruled that Talent Search UK must stop running their misleading adverts and ensure that future adverts make clear that they are not a model/talent agency but refer clients on to other agencies that they have no control over. You can see the judgement here

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Shoot for with Model Jess

We've just completed a client shoot at the studio for with local model Jess. These photos are from a previous shoot with Jess. We have worked with Jess over the last couple of years and she is an excellent model as well as an actress and she has completed various modelling assignments for us.

The photos from the shoot with will be available shortly.