Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Chef Tips: How to Improve your Culinary Habits One Step at a Time

Tips from a Celebrity Chef

Many chefs advocate a healthy diet above all else, but few more so than myself - Craig Higgins. With a wealth of experience in some of the best restaurants in the world, it’s well worth listening to these tips on how to make your life and your palette healthier.

How many of you make new year’s resolutions regarding your diet? Whether it’s simply to cut down on fast food, or to take on a strict regimen of healthy eating; few of us manage to stick to it until Spring. A lot of our palette is learned as a child and the variety of flavours and textures we are fed determines some of our basic loves and hates. However, the palette has a way of changing over time, allowing us to expand our use of flavour with age.

If you think of a bag of dry pine nuts when you think of health foods, you’re on the wrong track. It’s easier to think of healthy eating as a normal diet in the past; before being bombarded by takeaways and fast food adverts on every street. Remove these temptations, train yourself to avoid them and already you’re making steps towards healthier habits.

The time we spend in the supermarket ultimately determines what we eat for the whole week. Our shopping habits are hard to change, this is a fact. All too easily we go on autopilot up and down the same aisles simply replacing what we had last week. Obviously, if you made some unhealthy choices last week, this cycle will repeat itself. What I find helpful is to take recipe ideas with me. That way I have a target and my basket is different every week. A great addition to your regular kitchen habits may be as simple as making a smoothie every day. It doesn’t have to be huge, just throw some fruit and juice into your mixer and get it down you! Your body will thank you for it. To find out more about me, Craig Higgins chef click here.

Spending a large part of his year abroad in locations such as Hong Kong and Zambia, Chef Craig Higgins and his work with Lady Monika Bacardi here and how he uses his extensive experience to create vibrant new menus showcasing the best of African cuisine. Craig is the author of Elephant in the Kitchen, a book exploring the tastes of Africa. If you’d like to find out more, find him on the Foot & Home Channel.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Kube Studios Vintage Clothing Care Tips

Kube Studios Vintage Clothing Care Tips
Those much sought after, vintage items might not have been kept in the best conditions and so when thinking of one to wear to a modelling audition, or just going out remember these handy tips. When on the hunt for great bargains you may come across some lovely pieces that have moth holes in them or need a thorough clean. A stain at waist can be hidden with wide belt and a small hole can be darned, but the general rule is that if you can’t clean it or repair it easily; don’t buy it. These kinds of items are more trouble than they’re worth if you’re planning to resell them.

If you’re lucky enough to have a curvaceous figure then don’t be afraid to try different styles because this is the best way to learn what works for your body and what doesn’t. Bringing along a friend to a modelling audition is a good idea. Someone who can be honest with you when you’re shopping for something new can really help this process. Remember that dresses are a staple of your wardrobe, so buying one that fits well and makes you look and feel amazing means that you are much more likely to get a lot of wear out of it. Dresses aren’t solely for special occasions, they are also a comfortable choice for work and can be toned up or down with the right shoes and accessories. It’s essential to find the style that works for you. If vintage items just need a freshening up it’s very important to know what type of wash they can withstand. Many items from the yesteryear can be thrown in washing machine on a low heat without suffering because they’re usually made from man-made fabrics. If you are going to buy older pieces, remember that they will need dry cleaning or hand washing, so be sure to factor in these expenses especially if you are adding a mark-up for resale. If you need the perfect garments for your photoshoot, contact Kube Studios as they have the best style team in the country.
If you’re going to hunt for something that’s truly vintage, be ready to pay for it a lot. If something is advertised as being from the 30’s and is the same price as something current, it’s mislabelled. A dress from that time will be pricey, since not very many of them will have survived. It might also need repairing so check out the hems and the under arms to gauge how much work needs to be done to restore it. Fashion and modelling institutions such as Kube Studios see loads of models who love the vintage look. It may also be a great idea to make friends with the owners of any local vintage stores, just chat to them a little and you’ll find out a lot of useful information about vintage clothing. You can also ask them to let you know in advance when a certain piece is coming in to the store. Watch the Kube Studios video below and check out Kube Studios Reviews for the latest modelling tips and industry information as well as their latest reviews!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What do Talent Judges look for

What do Talent Judges look for in a Beauty Pageant?

As you prepare to go for the beauty contest, you might be wondering just what the judges always look out for, because many people try their best but only a few are rewarded. At times, one gets confused as to whether the judges look at the height or beauty or do they look at the dress code alone.  Beauty pageants are usually set to bring out more than one feature of beauty. The one with the most of those features is more likely to win the beauty competition. You should know that the talent management and judges do not just focus on one point, but rather the full package.

Confidence is one thing that modeling judges would like to see in you. It comes in many ways including the way you walk and talk. They want to hear the tone of your voice to know whether you are sure about what you are saying. If you need tips and advice on how to succeed in modelling, contact a fashion photography studio like Kube Studios who are established and can help.

However, take note that it is not wrong to be a little bit nervous as you can always gather more courage as you go on. Your moods also matter to the judges, and good moods are shown by how happy you look, including how warmly you smile, and your openness. Smiling is the other most important thing apart from the catwalk itself. People must teach themselves how to smile and try as much as they can to be natural with it.

Originality is yet another thing that the judges look at. The judges want you to be yourself and not a copycat. You need not compare yourself with the rest of the girls in the beauty pageant as this might make you lose focus on your own beauty. Style and creativity are some of the things that the judges do not forget to place on the score sheet. They want to see a girl that is creative with her own looks and makeup. You need to look like someone who can even come up with her own designs if given the opportunity.  Therefore, your creative wear needs to be something that has never been seen before. Always ask questions when you do not understand certain things that the judges stated. It is not wrong to miss a point or two, but do not overdo it. However, judges and the talent management, food critics, and even celebrity chefs like Craig Higgins chef will be glad to note that you are an honest person as this is another plus point that you will gain, on top of being likeable. Find out more about the winner of his latest cooking competition, Salaam Ahmad here.