Sunday, 15 August 2010

Edge Models Complaints - Edge Modelling Misleading Models By Giving False Information

The main complaint about Edge Models is that the advice pages on their website so are so badly wrong and give legally incorrect information. It makes you worry that if that is the quality of the information that they are happy to give out publicly on their website what other misleading information they supply to models that decided to sign up with Edge Models / Edge Modelling.

A proper model agency should know exactly what the status of photo copyright is - which begs the question why do Edge Model Agency not know this basic information?

Edge Models claim "Over 18? We’ll make it happen. No fees. Start earning good money!" We are unsure how any model agency can guarantee they will make it happen! Modelling is an extremely competitive business so it just isn't possible for everyone who wants to be a model to be successful

For the record Edge Models state that you need a professional photo shoot to own the copyright of your photos. This is totally wrong and just not true, either legally or factually and Edge Models only appear to be saying it to sell photo shoots to models. Paying for a professional photo shoot DOES NOT give you the copyright to your photos!

If you obtain your portfolio photos by TFP/TFCD or paying a photographer there is NO WAY anyone can tell which you did - I challenge Edge Models to prove otherwise!

Which of these images was produced on TFP/TFCD and which was a paid shoot? If you can't tell I suggest you send a complaint to Edge Modelling agency to tell them their facts are wrong!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Do I need to pay for pictures for a portfolio/Paying for Copyright of Photos?

A common answer you may find is no but unfortunately like many things you get what you pay for. We all have bills that need to be paid but a photo shoot does not need to cost a fortune. Our prices for model test shoots & model portfolio starter packages are very reasonably priced and allow you to get a good selection of pictures to start your portfolio. Some portfolio photo shoots may be promoted as being free but you then have to pay £1000 for photos or a CD of images after the shoot at a hard sell sales presentation.