Monday, 28 September 2015

Kube Studios Vintage Clothing Care Tips

Kube Studios Vintage Clothing Care Tips
Those much sought after, vintage items might not have been kept in the best conditions and so when thinking of one to wear to a modelling audition, or just going out remember these handy tips. When on the hunt for great bargains you may come across some lovely pieces that have moth holes in them or need a thorough clean. A stain at waist can be hidden with wide belt and a small hole can be darned, but the general rule is that if you can’t clean it or repair it easily; don’t buy it. These kinds of items are more trouble than they’re worth if you’re planning to resell them.

If you’re lucky enough to have a curvaceous figure then don’t be afraid to try different styles because this is the best way to learn what works for your body and what doesn’t. Bringing along a friend to a modelling audition is a good idea. Someone who can be honest with you when you’re shopping for something new can really help this process. Remember that dresses are a staple of your wardrobe, so buying one that fits well and makes you look and feel amazing means that you are much more likely to get a lot of wear out of it. Dresses aren’t solely for special occasions, they are also a comfortable choice for work and can be toned up or down with the right shoes and accessories. It’s essential to find the style that works for you. If vintage items just need a freshening up it’s very important to know what type of wash they can withstand. Many items from the yesteryear can be thrown in washing machine on a low heat without suffering because they’re usually made from man-made fabrics. If you are going to buy older pieces, remember that they will need dry cleaning or hand washing, so be sure to factor in these expenses especially if you are adding a mark-up for resale. If you need the perfect garments for your photoshoot, contact Kube Studios as they have the best style team in the country.
If you’re going to hunt for something that’s truly vintage, be ready to pay for it a lot. If something is advertised as being from the 30’s and is the same price as something current, it’s mislabelled. A dress from that time will be pricey, since not very many of them will have survived. It might also need repairing so check out the hems and the under arms to gauge how much work needs to be done to restore it. Fashion and modelling institutions such as Kube Studios see loads of models who love the vintage look. It may also be a great idea to make friends with the owners of any local vintage stores, just chat to them a little and you’ll find out a lot of useful information about vintage clothing. You can also ask them to let you know in advance when a certain piece is coming in to the store. Watch the Kube Studios video below and check out Kube Studios Reviews for the latest modelling tips and industry information as well as their latest reviews!

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