Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What do Talent Judges look for

What do Talent Judges look for in a Beauty Pageant?

As you prepare to go for the beauty contest, you might be wondering just what the judges always look out for, because many people try their best but only a few are rewarded. At times, one gets confused as to whether the judges look at the height or beauty or do they look at the dress code alone.  Beauty pageants are usually set to bring out more than one feature of beauty. The one with the most of those features is more likely to win the beauty competition. You should know that the talent management and judges do not just focus on one point, but rather the full package.

Confidence is one thing that modeling judges would like to see in you. It comes in many ways including the way you walk and talk. They want to hear the tone of your voice to know whether you are sure about what you are saying. If you need tips and advice on how to succeed in modelling, contact a fashion photography studio like Kube Studios who are established and can help.

However, take note that it is not wrong to be a little bit nervous as you can always gather more courage as you go on. Your moods also matter to the judges, and good moods are shown by how happy you look, including how warmly you smile, and your openness. Smiling is the other most important thing apart from the catwalk itself. People must teach themselves how to smile and try as much as they can to be natural with it.

Originality is yet another thing that the judges look at. The judges want you to be yourself and not a copycat. You need not compare yourself with the rest of the girls in the beauty pageant as this might make you lose focus on your own beauty. Style and creativity are some of the things that the judges do not forget to place on the score sheet. They want to see a girl that is creative with her own looks and makeup. You need to look like someone who can even come up with her own designs if given the opportunity.  Therefore, your creative wear needs to be something that has never been seen before. Always ask questions when you do not understand certain things that the judges stated. It is not wrong to miss a point or two, but do not overdo it. However, judges and the talent management, food critics, and even celebrity chefs like Craig Higgins chef will be glad to note that you are an honest person as this is another plus point that you will gain, on top of being likeable. Find out more about the winner of his latest cooking competition, Salaam Ahmad here. 

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