Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Has Capri Models & Pacha Studios Closed Down?

Has Capri Models and Pacha Studios closed down? Complaints about Capri Models seem to be growing on their Facebook page

It appears from comments on their Facebook page that when people turned up for a shoot their premises are closed and they are not answering their phones. Lots of people are searching for the Capri Models phone number probably to get a refund of their deposit money.

There have also been no posts on their official Facebook page since March 2013 and the same with their Twitter account.

Has Capri Models and Pacha Studios Closed Down?
Capri Models Pacha Studios Closed Down?

Maybe too many people had realised that paying thousands for a model portfolio to a company that was not a model agency was no way to guarantee becoming a model or getting work.

If you are out of pocket from paying money to Capri Models for a deposit or a portfolio shoot then you may want to speak to Trading Standards to find out your options.

Other open Sun Bingo studios include Kube Studios.

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