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LUXE Models Review - Is it Free? Kube Studios Services

LUXE Models Review : Is it Free?

LUXE Models UK is not a model agency. It is a Model Advisory Service that has seen success through helping aspiring models’ with portfolios. Over the years we have heard many success stories from aspiring models who have gone some way to achieving their goals with the help of LUXE Models UK.

So, is LUXE Models free?

LUXE Models provide both free and paid for services. They offer advice and guidance to prospective models. A model consultant will usually start the process off by better understanding the needs of the model.

There is no fee for their advice, so it is worth taking it. They offer portfolio services too, helping you to build and update your portfolio or start from scratch. LUXE Models own a number of studios across the UK where the model can have the shoot. The shoot itself is free, and often hosted by a model (such as Jasmia Robinson from Britain's Next Top Model).
There is a cost if you want to buy any of the photos after the shoot. This is the quid-pro-quo. They are of course hoping that if the shoot goes well and you want to take the next step into modelling, that you will buy some of the images.

The LUXE Models site makes is clear they are not a modelling agency. It's definitely a good place to start for advice if you're looking to break into modelling.

LUXE Models are using feedback reviews and testimonials on their website. 

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