Monday, 7 January 2013

How to Find Genuine UK Model Agencies

If you are looking to find a genuine modelling agency then the AMA (Association of Model Agencies) have a list of their members on their website:

Genuine UK Model Agencies

The problem is that most model agencies are extremely selective and a very small percentage of applicants get in. This leaves the way open for places like Capri Models to accept anyone who comes in for a shoot even though they are not a model agency and cannot advise on suitability.

Remember you should never have to pay a deposit to a model agency - they find you work not charge you to turn up!

If you just require a photo shoot, not a modeling agency, or want to be a freelance model, you can try a number of photography studios in the UK including LUXE Models, Kube Studios, Fusion Studios or UK Models. These companies are not modelling agencies, so you do not need to go through them to be a model.


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