Sunday, 4 July 2010

Misleading advice about TFP/TFCD Shoots from Edge Models

I've recently seen this advice about Time for Prints (TFP) and Time for CD (TFCD) shoots by Edge models

This is totally misleading and incorrect. Paying for a portfolio rather than developing it via TFP/TFCD makes absolutely no difference to whether you own the copyright or not. For example although you pay for your wedding photos in most cases you do not own copyright and have to contact the photographer to purchase additional prints. In some cases when the photographer sells you a CD of photos they grant you a licence to use them; they do not give you the copyright.

As long as the model has the rights to use an image for their portfolio it should make no difference at all how they actually produced that photo. Models do not need to own the copyright of a photo to use it for their portfolio. Suggesting that models will lose out money by doing a TFP shoot is also very misleading. It is extremely unlikely that any model would be able to make money by selling their photos even if they did own the copyright.

It makes you wonder why Edge Models suggest such advice as being true - perhaps to encourage models to "invest" by paying for the copyright of a portfolio with them?

No professional photographers routinely hand over copyright to their clients. In the main they grant a limited licence to use the photos for the agreed use; they do not give you the copyright. If a different use is required then often a different fee will be paid. For example the fee for use of a photo for a small magazine advert would be different to the fee for a worldwide billboard campaign.

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