Thursday, 1 July 2010

Can model agencies take deposits?

Another common question is whether model agencies take deposits?

The answer is no. Model agencies do not need to take deposits as they have no reason to. Model agencies book models for shoots and sign a very small number of models each year. If you don't turn up to an appointment with a modelling agency that is your loss not theirs - so they don't need you to pay.

Generally the company that are asking you to pay a deposit are not a modelling agency at all but a photo studio and they want you to pay a deposit to make sure that you show up for your shoot plus the hard sell they give you afterwards. Make sure that you check - 99 times of 100 you will find that the free photo shoot and modelling portfolio is not for an agency and is not free once you have paid for photos or copyright.

Don't be taken for a fool - make sure that you check first!

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