Monday, 27 January 2014

Is Kube Studios A Good Modelling Studio?

Reviewing the services of Kube Studios

Kube Studios is one of the longest established photography studios in the UK. It now has studios in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Is Kube Studios a modelling agency?

A modelling studio is different to a modelling agency - a studio cannot directly find a model work. 

 A modelling studio is a photography studio specialising in modelling portfolio shoots. They have professional photographers with the tools to take the best photos of you possible. They will then chose the best photos with you and you can buy these photos.

Modelling studios may also charge a deposit, as they have to book the studio and hire staff to be there on the day of the shoot. This may or may not be refundable and it is important to check the terms and conditions on the Kube Studios website, so that you know exactly what options you have.

Modelling agencies

Modelling agencies find models modelling jobs. When people say 'I want to become a model' they are thinking of signing up to a modelling agency - not going to a modelling studio. However, if all you need is great photos and to figure out whether you are photogenic, then there is nothing wrong with photography studios. Beware of model advice websites that sell on your details to companies that pay them or give you phony modelling advice.

Kube Studios

Kube Studios specialise in:

- Male Modelling
- Female Modelling
- Teen Modelling
- Body Parts Modelling
- Catalogue Modelling
- Glamour Modelling
and Couples Modelling

If you are interested in these services visit the Kube Studios website. You can also follow them on the Kube Studios twitter page.

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