Wednesday, 5 September 2012

New ITV Show - Cook Me The Money

My name is Anabel and I work for ITV Studios on abrand new series called Cook Me The Money for ITV1 andI am currently recruiting couples and teams of two to take part.

It would be absolutely fantastic if you are able to forward on a copy of the advert attached to your distribution list and/or client list and put the word out there to friends, family, and colleagues as through word of mouth, you never know, someone you know might know someone who would like to apply.  It would be brilliant if you could also print a copy andput it up perhaps in your staff room, reception and any otherway you can think of such as a mention in your newsletter, putting something onyour website, in print, on Facebook or on the modelling agency Twitter for example.  And, ifyou have any ideas on how you think you might be able to help then please let me know as we are looking for couples in your area now.

The show is essentially a cook-off between three couples with a passion for cooking whowant to demonstrate their skills and in the process could win a cashprize.   Each couple will be given the opportunity to create the perfect food pitch and compete against the other two couples for the chance of winning a grand prize.  They’ll have to source the ingredients,pitch up and cook their chosen dish and desert to members of the public. The couple that sells the most wins.  They don’t need to be top-notch chefs but experience and a love for cooking and food wouldn’t go a miss.

Maybe even you and your partner or friend might be interested?  It can be mother and daughter, two friends, two colleagues, brother and sister, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend - any couple is welcome to apply so long as neither are or have ever been a professional chef, cook, caterer or the modelling agency.

If you do know anyone interested thenplease do get themto send an email to They’ll be sent an application form asking themto tell us a little bit about themselves,what theyboth do for a living, ages, any cooking experience, a photo of the both of themtogether, and why theythink theyboth would be good at cooking for cash, any previous TV experience, hobbies,interests etc.  We are holding auditions this week and next in London and Manchesterso if there is any interest then they need to get in contact right now.

Do let me know if you think you can help with this and/or please feel free to contact me by phone on 020 7157 4288 and I can tell you a little bit more.

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