Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Candi Models London Review - Feedback from One Mother of a Potential Model

Complaints about Candi Models London - Mint Brown Studios Review - Feedback from One Mother of a Potential Model

More complaints about Candi Models here. This is some feedback/review from a mother about her experiences with Candi Models at Mint Brown studios and follows the pattern of other modelling portfolio companies like Form Models that give the hard sell to get people to buy portfolios for modelling that they do not need as Candi Models are not a model agency.

If you need to call Candi Models the phone number for Candi Models is  02072677786  and the telephone number for Mint Brown Studios is 02072679887 if you need to call with a complaint about Candi Models.

Took my 15 year old daughter for a shoot at Candi Models. A little surprised when we walked in, as it looked just like a hair salon and there were a lot of people waiting to be photographed. It was like a conveyor belt. We were 1.1/4 hrs late getting in to be photographed, which isn't good when you live 200 miles away and have a specific train to catch on a Sunday evening! Had to ask them if they could speed things up so we didn't miss our train. 

Admittedly the photos were quite good (tho the photographer was a rather odd character!). When we went in to look at the photos the girl was as nice as pie at first, saying my daughter was a "natural" model etc etc. Then the price list came out! When I said they were too expensive, she started getting aggressive, indicating that I was a bad mother and was holding my daughter's modelling career back, and why did we even bother coming as it cost a lot of money to hire the studio and the photographers! I asked if we could buy individual photos and she said no, because that isn't a portfolio. 

She then stormed out, coming back in a few minutes later saying her Manager had said we could buy 6 photos for £250. By this time, time was getting on, we had an hour to get from Mint Brown to Kings Cross (not knowing the area I wasn't sure where we were exactly!)and I was starting to panic a little as didn't want to miss our train. I was going to commit to the £250, but this girl's attitude really stank, and in a snap second decision, decided not to buy any. She then slammed a form down in front of me asking me to fill it in so they could refund the £50 fee I had originally paid. 

To be honest I nearly said if they were that hard up they could keep the money. I didn't expect to get this money back anyway (and will be pleasantly surprised if this materialises!). I felt very under pressure to buy the photos, and did not like being talked to in that manner; a stranger telling me what was best for my daughter. I do actually regret not buying the photos now, as there were some really nice ones. However, if you don't buy, they delete them all as soon as you have gone so you don't even have the option to buy any later. 
All I will say is treat this with a pinch of salt - if you've got the money and really want a portfolio then try Candi Models. However, they are not a modelling agency and can't get you modelling jobs!

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