Thursday, 6 April 2017

National Smile Month

(UK PR Web) Chrysalis Dental Practice has announced it's joining of National Smile Month, which is held from the 15th of May until the 15th of June 2017 across the UK. The aim of the campaign is to promote good oral health across all ages. Dr. Minesh Patel, the principle dentist from the Bedford surgery, is going to lead the initiative for Chrysalis, with an event being held on the 10th of June 2017.
The UK’s largest and longest-running campaign to promote good oral health is being brough to Bedford by Dr. Patel, who has over 30 years experience in dentistry. The practice will provide free advice on teeth brushing, tooth paste usage, how diet can affect oral health and how often to visit your dentist. Free tooth brushes, toothpastes and consultations will be available without appointment, and visitors will receive free goodie bags with other treats on the day.
The principle dentist at Chrysalis, Dr. Minesh Patel from Bedford, said:
''We hope to raise awareness of important oral health issues, and make a positive difference to the oral health in the area. We want to educate, motivate and communicate positive dental health messages the improves the quality of smiles to the people of Bedford. We think the key to success for our campaign is to have fun and learn as much as possible.''
Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter OBE said:
“I’m delighted that Dr Minesh Patel from Chrysalis Dental Practice in Bedford has joined the thousands of organisations in engaging with National Smile Month. It is a great reflection of local community spirit and an excellent way to promote good oral health.''
Carter added:
“By making an event as fun and imaginative as possible, we hope it will inspire more people to join in the fun than ever before while delivering the Oral Health Foundation’s three key messages for good oral health; brush for two minutes twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks and visit the dentist regularly, as often as they recommend.”
The address where the event will be held is:
Chrysalis Dental Practice
344 Goldington Road
MK41 9NS
To show their support, the team from Chrysalis Dental Practice will be holding the session on Saturday the 10th of June at from 10.00am - 1.00pm. They are holding it on a weekend in order to increase attendance, especially among families.
Find out more about Nation Smile Month and how to get involved with the day on the Chrysalis Dental Centre website. Dr. Minesh Patel will be on-hand during the day, answering any questions visitors may have.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Property Prices

What Affects Property Prices?

The first question everyone asks when they decide to sell a property is “How much is it worth?” This is a surprisingly difficult question to answer, because every property is different. What we can do, however, is look at the factors which affect house prices.

When push comes to shove, your home is worth what someone will pay for it. Valuers try to figure out that price by comparing the property to similar homes currently on the market, recent sales and their stock of experience over the years, balanced by the current market conditions.

There are three main methods valuers use to estimate a property’s market price: comparable sales, income and cost.

Comparable sales method: the most common of the three methods, this one is also called “inferred analysis” because the valuer infers the price of your property based on current market sales of similar homes. Adjustments are made based on sale dates, the speed of the sales, relative property sizes and conditions, location and a variety of other factors. If the valuer is experienced and has good local knowledge, this method is very accurate. Most valuers mix in a bit of the income method as well, to give a better overview of the property’s value.

Income method: an unusual method which looks at the future income potential of the property (from renting or reselling, for example) instead of an intrinsic market value. Valuers use this method when assessing a property that’s being bought as an investment rather than as a home, to give them an overview of how the investment will pan out.

Cost method: most frequently used as part of a survey, this method looks at the building as a set of components and values it based on the cost of rebuilding and refitting from scratch. The valuer takes the market price of the land, adds the price of rebuilding everything on that land, then subtracts depreciation.

Whatever method the valuer uses, they will always take into account a wide range of factors. The biggest effects on your property’s price come from two things over which you have little, if any, control: “the market” and your location. However, a good valuer always takes your property’s individual characteristics into account, including:

Age: older homes are generally worth less than new builds, though there are exceptions. Listed buildings and historical locations can add to a property’s price tag, provided the building is well-maintained.
Size: a bigger property costs more money than a smaller one, assuming everything else is equal.
Number of bedrooms: while the total number of rooms is important, almost everyone buys based on the number of bedrooms. More bedrooms means a higher price. A room must meet certain specifications to be considered a bedroom – you can’t just label your walk-in wardrobe as one and add a few grand to your property price!
Room layout: a cramped, dingy home will almost always fetch a lower price than one with well-lit, airy spaces. Unusual building layouts can also be very hard to sell, especially if their oddities are inconvenient (e.g. if the kitchen is a long way away from the nearest room with enough space to eat).
Structural integrity: vital in older properties, but important in any home. Structural defects can be extremely expensive to repair, not to mention dangerous for the home’s inhabitants, and they will be detected by a survey. Structurally sound properties sell much better and for more money.
Wear and tear: even if the structure is sound, battered walls, worn floors and old windows will reduce the market price. The same goes for any fixtures and fittings included in the sale, such as built-in cupboards, carpets, boiler, water tank and so on.
Garden: a garden, even if it’s concreted over, is a big asset for almost any property.
Garage or parking space: a place to put the car – or multiple vehicles – is becoming increasingly rare, especially in larger towns and in cities. If you have a garage or an off-road parking space, your property’s value instantly increases. The same goes for dedicated on-road parking (though it’s less impressive).

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Information from the LUXE Models Studio

Working with Kube Studios

LUXE Models work with Kube Studios to produce portfolios for aspiring models who are looking to break into the industry of professional modelling.

There are thousands of aspiring models out there and LUXE Models have many success stories of helping people break into modelling. If you have a genuine interest in approaching a modelling agency then you’ll need an impressive, eye catching portfolio and that’s something which LUXE Models can help you out with, they’re very good at it too!

LUXE Models – not an agency

"LUXE Models helps aspiring models to build a portfolio and learn key skills which will provide a platform to break into the professional modelling industry.Providing you with advice and direction in your pursuit of a modelling career, LUXE Models are not a modelling agency. LUXE Models is a company that can help you build an impressive portfolio and discover the area of modelling which you’re suited to." - Mike Hannah, Kube Studios

Learning key skills will certainly help aspiring models to head in the right direction and discover the different avenues that may be available in what is an incredibly competitive industry.

They have two studios in London, one in Birmingham, and another large studio complex in Manchester. They’re also opening a new studio in Miami, so there are plenty of options available to you for a range of shots and experiences.

LUXE Models reviews your previous experience and plays to your strengths by making sure you have the right look for each shot.


LUXE Models will book a studio session where the aspiring model can get a taste of the industry. They don’t run separate photo reviewing sessions so it’s best to arrive prepared to make a portfolio decision on the day.

You will need to leave a refundable deposit for your shots just to make sure they’re covered after your shoot. Their packages start at £299, with optional additional promotional goods and services that can be added. Any extras you choose will dictate how much you’ll pay for the services on top of the standard £299.

A career in modelling has so many different avenues, not only do you need the right look, but you also need to be able to work the camera, walk the catwalks and know exactly where your main strengths lie. LUXE Models’ team of industry professionals are there to help you and make sure you know exactly what it’s going to take to make it a success.

If you’re wondering if modelling could be for you, then it’s worth getting in touch with them. They have a really helpful, friendly team and there are various ways you can contact LUXE Models or just ring their phone number - 020 70430910.

It’s also definitely worth following LUXE Models on social media on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn as they offer some really good advice and modelling news. I also get a few ideas from their Pinterest which has some of the latest fashion trends!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Chef Tips: How to Improve your Culinary Habits One Step at a Time

Tips from a Celebrity Chef

Many chefs advocate a healthy diet above all else, but few more so than myself - Craig Higgins. With a wealth of experience in some of the best restaurants in the world, it’s well worth listening to these tips on how to make your life and your palette healthier.

How many of you make new year’s resolutions regarding your diet? Whether it’s simply to cut down on fast food, or to take on a strict regimen of healthy eating; few of us manage to stick to it until Spring. A lot of our palette is learned as a child and the variety of flavours and textures we are fed determines some of our basic loves and hates. However, the palette has a way of changing over time, allowing us to expand our use of flavour with age.

If you think of a bag of dry pine nuts when you think of health foods, you’re on the wrong track. It’s easier to think of healthy eating as a normal diet in the past; before being bombarded by takeaways and fast food adverts on every street. Remove these temptations, train yourself to avoid them and already you’re making steps towards healthier habits.

The time we spend in the supermarket ultimately determines what we eat for the whole week. Our shopping habits are hard to change, this is a fact. All too easily we go on autopilot up and down the same aisles simply replacing what we had last week. Obviously, if you made some unhealthy choices last week, this cycle will repeat itself. What I find helpful is to take recipe ideas with me. That way I have a target and my basket is different every week. A great addition to your regular kitchen habits may be as simple as making a smoothie every day. It doesn’t have to be huge, just throw some fruit and juice into your mixer and get it down you! Your body will thank you for it. To find out more about me, Craig Higgins chef click here.

Spending a large part of his year abroad in locations such as Hong Kong and Zambia, Chef Craig Higgins and his work with Lady Monika Bacardi here and how he uses his extensive experience to create vibrant new menus showcasing the best of African cuisine. Craig is the author of Elephant in the Kitchen, a book exploring the tastes of Africa. If you’d like to find out more, find him on the Foot & Home Channel.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Kube Studios Vintage Clothing Care Tips

Kube Studios Vintage Clothing Care Tips
Those much sought after, vintage items might not have been kept in the best conditions and so when thinking of one to wear to a modelling audition, or just going out remember these handy tips. When on the hunt for great bargains you may come across some lovely pieces that have moth holes in them or need a thorough clean. A stain at waist can be hidden with wide belt and a small hole can be darned, but the general rule is that if you can’t clean it or repair it easily; don’t buy it. These kinds of items are more trouble than they’re worth if you’re planning to resell them.

If you’re lucky enough to have a curvaceous figure then don’t be afraid to try different styles because this is the best way to learn what works for your body and what doesn’t. Bringing along a friend to a modelling audition is a good idea. Someone who can be honest with you when you’re shopping for something new can really help this process. Remember that dresses are a staple of your wardrobe, so buying one that fits well and makes you look and feel amazing means that you are much more likely to get a lot of wear out of it. Dresses aren’t solely for special occasions, they are also a comfortable choice for work and can be toned up or down with the right shoes and accessories. It’s essential to find the style that works for you. If vintage items just need a freshening up it’s very important to know what type of wash they can withstand. Many items from the yesteryear can be thrown in washing machine on a low heat without suffering because they’re usually made from man-made fabrics. If you are going to buy older pieces, remember that they will need dry cleaning or hand washing, so be sure to factor in these expenses especially if you are adding a mark-up for resale. If you need the perfect garments for your photoshoot, contact Kube Studios as they have the best style team in the country.
If you’re going to hunt for something that’s truly vintage, be ready to pay for it a lot. If something is advertised as being from the 30’s and is the same price as something current, it’s mislabelled. A dress from that time will be pricey, since not very many of them will have survived. It might also need repairing so check out the hems and the under arms to gauge how much work needs to be done to restore it. Fashion and modelling institutions such as Kube Studios see loads of models who love the vintage look. It may also be a great idea to make friends with the owners of any local vintage stores, just chat to them a little and you’ll find out a lot of useful information about vintage clothing. You can also ask them to let you know in advance when a certain piece is coming in to the store. Watch the Kube Studios video below and check out Kube Studios Reviews for the latest modelling tips and industry information as well as their latest reviews!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What do Talent Judges look for

What do Talent Judges look for in a Beauty Pageant?

As you prepare to go for the beauty contest, you might be wondering just what the judges always look out for, because many people try their best but only a few are rewarded. At times, one gets confused as to whether the judges look at the height or beauty or do they look at the dress code alone.  Beauty pageants are usually set to bring out more than one feature of beauty. The one with the most of those features is more likely to win the beauty competition. You should know that the talent management and judges do not just focus on one point, but rather the full package.

Confidence is one thing that modeling judges would like to see in you. It comes in many ways including the way you walk and talk. They want to hear the tone of your voice to know whether you are sure about what you are saying. If you need tips and advice on how to succeed in modelling, contact a fashion photography studio like Kube Studios who are established and can help.

However, take note that it is not wrong to be a little bit nervous as you can always gather more courage as you go on. Your moods also matter to the judges, and good moods are shown by how happy you look, including how warmly you smile, and your openness. Smiling is the other most important thing apart from the catwalk itself. People must teach themselves how to smile and try as much as they can to be natural with it.

Originality is yet another thing that the judges look at. The judges want you to be yourself and not a copycat. You need not compare yourself with the rest of the girls in the beauty pageant as this might make you lose focus on your own beauty. Style and creativity are some of the things that the judges do not forget to place on the score sheet. They want to see a girl that is creative with her own looks and makeup. You need to look like someone who can even come up with her own designs if given the opportunity.  Therefore, your creative wear needs to be something that has never been seen before. Always ask questions when you do not understand certain things that the judges stated. It is not wrong to miss a point or two, but do not overdo it. However, judges and the talent management, food critics, and even celebrity chefs like Craig Higgins chef will be glad to note that you are an honest person as this is another plus point that you will gain, on top of being likeable. Find out more about the winner of his latest cooking competition, Salaam Ahmad here. 

Sunday, 28 December 2014

About our Skin

About our Skin

Our skin is one part of our body we would do well not to mistreat. It is the only barrier between our organs and the hostile atmosphere full of bacteria and pollution. It’s easy to forget that it is in fact our largest organ. Although appearing simple, it is very complex in structure, and it is actually absolutely essential to our overall survival, not to mention a huge asset on a modelling audition.

Our skin serves a lot of purposes and we’re either not aware of many of them or take them for granted. First of all it protects us from the elements. The air around us has countless foreign bodies in it, waiting to have a chance at infecting us. It is only our skin, stomach acid, and respiratory mucus that form a defence against the air. Our skin regulates our temperature. When we’re too cold, blood is withdrawn from our extremities and the skin goes bumpy. This is an ancient reflex that scientists think was developed when we as a species had more bodily hair, but it still traps a thin layer of air close to the skin, insulating slightly against further heat loss. When we’re too hot, our skin knows to sweat. Water conducts heat twenty times more efficiently than air. In other words, it saps heat out of the skin and evaporates.

Skin pores also excrete oils. Skin pores keep the upper layers moisturised and stop them drying out and flaking. We can upset the balance of oil production quite easily. If you consider washing your hair twice a day, it’ll get greasy a lot quicker than if you wash it three times a week. This is because it dries the scalp which then has the immediate reaction of producing more oil! The same is true for facial skin. Minimal interference with your body’s own rhythms is definitely advised. Pay attention to how your skin reacts to certain routines and products and amend them accordingly. Sometimes at modelling auditions you’ll see someone have their make-up taken off, and underneath is blotchy and spotty. This is because they either wear too much make-up too often, or don’t pay attention to their skin’s needs. 

The final thing a model should look at regarding skin in this article is the fact that it produces a vital vitamin for us. Vitamin D is made from being in contact with sunlight. Deficiencies of this vitamin can cause depression and lethargy, often associated with seasonal affected disorder.

If you have an invention or big business idea, use World Patent Marketing to register your big idea today. 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Is Kube Studios A Good Modelling Studio?

Reviewing the services of Kube Studios

Kube Studios is one of the longest established photography studios in the UK. It now has studios in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Is Kube Studios a modelling agency?

A modelling studio is different to a modelling agency - a studio cannot directly find a model work. 

 A modelling studio is a photography studio specialising in modelling portfolio shoots. They have professional photographers with the tools to take the best photos of you possible. They will then chose the best photos with you and you can buy these photos.

Modelling studios may also charge a deposit, as they have to book the studio and hire staff to be there on the day of the shoot. This may or may not be refundable and it is important to check the terms and conditions on the Kube Studios website, so that you know exactly what options you have.

Modelling agencies

Modelling agencies find models modelling jobs. When people say 'I want to become a model' they are thinking of signing up to a modelling agency - not going to a modelling studio. However, if all you need is great photos and to figure out whether you are photogenic, then there is nothing wrong with photography studios. Beware of model advice websites that sell on your details to companies that pay them or give you phony modelling advice.

Kube Studios

Kube Studios specialise in:

- Male Modelling
- Female Modelling
- Teen Modelling
- Body Parts Modelling
- Catalogue Modelling
- Glamour Modelling
and Couples Modelling

If you are interested in these services visit the Kube Studios website. You can also follow them on the Kube Studios twitter page.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Kube Studios Birmingham

Kube Studios Birmingham

Kube Studios' latest offering is a state of the art studio in Birmingham's Digbeth just south of the city centre. Don't get it confused with Kube Productions just a few doors away.

We want you the users of Kube Studios to review it here:

Let us know in the comments below what your experience was like.

Did it help you become a model?

Was their advice any good?

Was the quality of product and service good?

What was the price like?

Be honest, be impartial, and help others make a decision...

Please not these companies are photography studios and will not be able to sign you as a professional model. If you would like a suggestion of an alternative studio, look up Fusion Studios. Read up about Fusion Studios first though by reading their official blog. However, for more information about Kube Studios watch this Youtube video about them on their Youtube channel.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Welcome to Fusion Studios

Fusion Studios Fusion Studios

Fusion Studios specializes in fashion photography. We are an award winning photography studio based in Manchester and have everything you need to shine as a model. Come to a modelling day and feel like a celebrity with access to top stylists, published photographers and experienced makeup artists at your disposal. No other fashion photography studio does more to help models stand out from the crowd.

Fusion Studios photography studios in London offer the following services, which include:

Consultation - Fusion Studios have a range of modelling consultation packages to ensure you make the most of your experience at Fusion Studios. These are specialised to men, women, kids and family, boudoir and modelling portfolios. Our experts will guide you through which photoshoot style is best for you. If you have a scrap book of ideas to bring with you to the shoot, or any other sources of inspiration feel free to bring them with you!

Make Up - At Fusion Studios you will have access to make up artists the have the experience to make you look your best. We don't cut corners or rush you, we are perfectionists and won't rest until we achieve the look you want. Read Fusion Studios reviews on Qype to find out more about how we can make your day at our studios unforgettable.

Hair Styling - Our hair stylists have years of experience and are selected by us because they get the job done. They are talented individuals who are passionate about their work. At Fusion Studios they will work with you to achieve the look you desire and prepare you for your photoshoot. If your looking for a makeover, our professionals can create a stunning new look and style.

fusion studios model

Photoshoot - Our photographers will guide you through your shoot, as you don't need years of experience to look like you do! We have worked with many models over the years, and have the expertise to get the look you want. Our advise will ensure your pose is the best it can be and you feel confident in front of the camera. Fashion photography is what we do, trust us to bring out the best in you.

Viewing - Finally, time to view the amazing results you have been waiting to see. The photographer may take around 50 pictures of you in a range of different amazing outfits, you have to chose the best. You select the images you want and decide how many to keep, the choice is yours. Read our terms and conditions page here to find out more.

Get in touch with Fusion Studios by visiting their website:

Follow Fusion Studios on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook too! See you soon :)

fusion studios modelling

They are not a modelling agency, but a photography studio and are based in Manchester. Watch this video about this photography studios here:

Read modelling news stories, including that of Kube Studios models. If you want a great modelling agency then visit their website for information on how to join one - they are a fashion photography and advice studio..

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Prospect Models Website Down - Prospect Model Management Contact Details

As of 10 July 2013 it looks like the Prospect Models website has been taken offline by genuine agency Premier Models claiming breach of copyright.
Prospect Models Website Down
Prospect Models Website Down

The Prospect model management Facebook page is pretending nothing is wrong by saying it is due to "technical issues"! It is not, it is because the Prospect models website was blatantly copied from a real model agency!

It is only a matter of time before Prospect Models goes the same way as their website so be very careful paying them for anything as you are unlikely to get your money back.

Visit Kube Studios on Facebook
And have a look at Kube Studios on Twitter
Also, don't forget to check out Kube Studios reviews online too.
For More information about Kube Studios, watch this video:

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Is Startup Models an effctive way of becoming a Model?


This is a well known brand that has helped countless models, both new and experienced, young and old, kick start their modelling career or simply improve their chances in an evolving and highly competitive arena.

Their website  start up models has all the information you need in order to familiarize their services to you. On application they will address your needs and put in place an action plan, they call the 5 step process. It goes something like:

1. Decide to become a model
2. See if you have what it takes, and learn which areas are suitable to you
3. Get the right tools to help you stand out
4. Self promote online or to agencies
5. Get signed and get working!

It basically follows the common sense route into modelling, offering bespoke advice depending on where you are at in your journey, where you are located, and what your chances are.

They offer a free consultation, and only once you agree the next step do they then offer you paid for services. The most common is a portfolio building service for those without professional photos (how are you going to find work without a CV?)

To use their services, and get a free consultation, sign up on their website which is free and free from commitment!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Who Needs Model Portfolio Photo Shoots?

What is a model portfolio?

A model's portfolio is collection of their best photos that they use to show prospective clients to secure work and bookings for modelling jobs. It is not something that can be produced in a single shoot and should show the variety and selection of styles of work the model is looking for. A modelling portfolio is not something that can be produced from a single shoot and would normally include "tear sheets" - copies of any published work that the model has appeared in.

A model portfolio is NOT needed to apply to modelling agencies if you are a brand new model

Who needs a modelling portfolio?

A freelance model working on their own needs a portfolio to be able to show prospective clients the versatility of looks they have from previous shoots.

An agency model will have a modelling portfolio that the agency use to show clients to arrange bookings for modelling jobs like Adora Model Management

Someone wanting to be a model and wanting to apply to model agencies DOES NOT need a modelling portfolio. They need to send clear photos showing face and figure

This is advice from the Association of Model Agents and from all the top Modelling Agencies -the photo studios selling model portfolio shoots will insist that you need a portfolio to apply to agencies but this is not true. While you read this, get your boyfriend to watch this video about Footballer Direct services! 

Who Needs a Model Portfolio Photo Shoot?
Who Needs Model Portfolio Photo Shoots?

For more information about modelling contact Kube Studios. You can also find out more about UK property with Springbok Properties reputation here. 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

La Mode Model Studios featured on BBC's The One Show

The One Show on BBC1 featured a piece about La Mode which is not a model agency but specialised in selling portfolio shoots to potential models for up to £2000.

We have been contacted in the past by people who have signed credit agreements for £2750 with La Mode so it is good to see that the BBC are highlighting this issue. They also interviewed Rylan Clark who had appeared on TV talent shows who said he would never paid as much as £300 for a photo shoot.

A rep for the Association of Model Agencies confirmed the advice we have given for years - you do not need to buy an expensive modelling portfolio to apply for modelling work.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Has Capri Models & Pacha Studios Closed Down?

Has Capri Models and Pacha Studios closed down? Complaints about Capri Models seem to be growing on their Facebook page

It appears from comments on their Facebook page that when people turned up for a shoot their premises are closed and they are not answering their phones. Lots of people are searching for the Capri Models phone number probably to get a refund of their deposit money.

There have also been no posts on their official Facebook page since March 2013 and the same with their Twitter account.

Has Capri Models and Pacha Studios Closed Down?
Capri Models Pacha Studios Closed Down?

Maybe too many people had realised that paying thousands for a model portfolio to a company that was not a model agency was no way to guarantee becoming a model or getting work.

If you are out of pocket from paying money to Capri Models for a deposit or a portfolio shoot then you may want to speak to Trading Standards to find out your options.

Other open Sun Bingo studios include Kube Studios.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Does Model Guides Work? Model Guides Advice Review

Is Model Guides a Good Way to Break Into Modelling?

All the adverts and information on the Model Guides website gives the impression that Model Guides is a modelling platform that helps aspiring models break into the industry. But does it actually work and succeed in helping careers in modelling take off?

Is Model Guides a Scam Model Agency?
Does Model Guides Work?

Model Guides cannot find you modelling jobs if you are looking for work - they are not a modelling agency - but they do provide a tried and tested method of getting started.

Model Guides Review

Model Guides is a photo studio and advice service. They can cater for aspiring models across the country, in particular clients based in or around Manchester, Birmingham, and London.

Model guides reviews
Model guides reviews
Model Guides has been running for almost 5 years and various review sites on the internet provide positive feedback about previous client's experiences. The vast majority are positive although there is no guarantee that any platform or indeed agency can launch a career for absolutely everyone.

Model Guides feedback
Model Guides feedback
 Their principle aim is to service the needs of both working experienced models, and to help aspiring models get a foot on the ladder. We have seen many comments over the years from agencies and models alike who have successfully used their services.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Serene Kay Models Reviews - Studio 101 Great Portland Street

There have been a few questions about a company called Serene Kay Models. According to their website they have been around for 5 years and run all over Europe. Rather odd that their website has only existed since January 2013 and there appears to be no European version of it.

Bogus claims by Serene Kay Models exposed

Serene Kay Models Reviews - Is Serene Kay models a scam?
Serene Kay Models Reviews

Serene Kay models was setup by a company called New Wave Fashion Management and seem to send their applicants to a photo studio called Studio 101 in London. This may well be a studio owned by them.

From the information posted online it appears they are not telling the whole truth to new models and are trying to sell portfolio photo shoots under the guise of you needing copyright of the photos. This is untrue; a model does not need to own the copyright of their photos in order to use them for their portfolio. All that is required is permission to use which is very different.

Serene Kay Models work with Studio 101 and advertise for new models on Gumtree castings



online reputation management 

Domain name:

        new wave fashion management lt

    Registrant type:
        UK Limited Company, (Company number: 7277120)

    Registrant's address:
        portland place
        32 portland place
        W1B 1NA
        United Kingdom

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

LUXE Models Review - Is it Free? Kube Studios Services

LUXE Models Review : Is it Free?

LUXE Models UK is not a model agency. It is a Model Advisory Service that has seen success through helping aspiring models’ with portfolios. Over the years we have heard many success stories from aspiring models who have gone some way to achieving their goals with the help of LUXE Models UK.

So, is LUXE Models free?

LUXE Models provide both free and paid for services. They offer advice and guidance to prospective models. A model consultant will usually start the process off by better understanding the needs of the model.

There is no fee for their advice, so it is worth taking it. They offer portfolio services too, helping you to build and update your portfolio or start from scratch. LUXE Models own a number of studios across the UK where the model can have the shoot. The shoot itself is free, and often hosted by a model (such as Jasmia Robinson from Britain's Next Top Model).
There is a cost if you want to buy any of the photos after the shoot. This is the quid-pro-quo. They are of course hoping that if the shoot goes well and you want to take the next step into modelling, that you will buy some of the images.

The LUXE Models site makes is clear they are not a modelling agency. It's definitely a good place to start for advice if you're looking to break into modelling.

LUXE Models are using feedback reviews and testimonials on their website. 

If you find the information in this blog helpful please click to visit some of the advertisers at the side as they help keep the information available here to people.

LUXE Models

Follow @LUXEModelsUK on Twitter
Like LUXE Models UK on Facebook
Connect with LUXE Models on LinkedIn
Check out LUXE Models on Pinterest
Visit LUXE Models' Blogsite

Kube Studios

Visit Kube Studios and find out more about them in their blog. Read more about Lady Monika Bacardi and her work with Kube Studios agency here. If you are a model and need a UK spouse VISA for work then look no further.

Monday, 7 January 2013

How to Find Genuine UK Model Agencies

If you are looking to find a genuine modelling agency then the AMA (Association of Model Agencies) have a list of their members on their website:

Genuine UK Model Agencies

The problem is that most model agencies are extremely selective and a very small percentage of applicants get in. This leaves the way open for places like Capri Models to accept anyone who comes in for a shoot even though they are not a model agency and cannot advise on suitability.

Remember you should never have to pay a deposit to a model agency - they find you work not charge you to turn up!

If you just require a photo shoot, not a modeling agency, or want to be a freelance model, you can try a number of photography studios in the UK including LUXE Models, Kube Studios, Fusion Studios or UK Models. These companies are not modelling agencies, so you do not need to go through them to be a model.

Monday, 15 October 2012

La Mode Agency London complaints

La Mode London complaints - Not a Model Agency

If you have been applied to La Mode London and been contacted by them to arrange a shoot be prepared to need very deep pockets. La Mode charge the highest price of any photo studio in London that we are aware of - the common amount for a photo shoot is £2750! Two thousand seven hundred and fifty pound - for photos that are not needed to apply for modelling!

La Mode have been taken to court by customers complaining about their service and the fabricated information they supplied prior to the shoot. The customer that made the complaint won the case against La Mode.

We have been asked by potential models for advice about La Mode London modelling agency. However La Mode based in London are not a modeling agency so we cannot give any reviews about them for getting you modelling work. They sell portfolio shoots, they do not book models for work.

La Mode london Modelling - where do they get their money from ?

La Mode London are a photography studio. Potential models can go to La Mode to pay for a photo shoot but that is it - you do not get work from a commercial photo studio that sells portfolio shoots and you do not need a portfolio to approach modelling agencies. La Mode make their money from selling photo shoots to people, they do not pay models for shoots or get them work as they are not a modelling agency. If you have been ripped off and unable to get a refund this BBC series may be able to help you

Monday, 17 September 2012

Richard Nicholl London Fashion Week Collections 2012

I was invited by Canon UK to photograph the new Richard Nicholl collections at London Fashion Week 2012. These photos were taken at an exclusive preview held at Somerset House in London and sponsored by Vodafone who are the main corporate sponsor for LFW 2012.
The collections by Richard Nicholl shown were Resort 2013, Menswear Spring Summer 2013 and Autumn/Winter 2012.

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Funzee Photo Shoot

These shots were taken for Onesie supplier, female model was Jess.

Funzee Photo Shoot
Funzee Photo Shoot

New ITV Show - Cook Me The Money

My name is Anabel and I work for ITV Studios on abrand new series called Cook Me The Money for ITV1 andI am currently recruiting couples and teams of two to take part.

It would be absolutely fantastic if you are able to forward on a copy of the advert attached to your distribution list and/or client list and put the word out there to friends, family, and colleagues as through word of mouth, you never know, someone you know might know someone who would like to apply.  It would be brilliant if you could also print a copy andput it up perhaps in your staff room, reception and any otherway you can think of such as a mention in your newsletter, putting something onyour website, in print, on Facebook or on the modelling agency Twitter for example.  And, ifyou have any ideas on how you think you might be able to help then please let me know as we are looking for couples in your area now.

The show is essentially a cook-off between three couples with a passion for cooking whowant to demonstrate their skills and in the process could win a cashprize.   Each couple will be given the opportunity to create the perfect food pitch and compete against the other two couples for the chance of winning a grand prize.  They’ll have to source the ingredients,pitch up and cook their chosen dish and desert to members of the public. The couple that sells the most wins.  They don’t need to be top-notch chefs but experience and a love for cooking and food wouldn’t go a miss.

Maybe even you and your partner or friend might be interested?  It can be mother and daughter, two friends, two colleagues, brother and sister, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend - any couple is welcome to apply so long as neither are or have ever been a professional chef, cook, caterer or the modelling agency.

If you do know anyone interested thenplease do get themto send an email to They’ll be sent an application form asking themto tell us a little bit about themselves,what theyboth do for a living, ages, any cooking experience, a photo of the both of themtogether, and why theythink theyboth would be good at cooking for cash, any previous TV experience, hobbies,interests etc.  We are holding auditions this week and next in London and Manchesterso if there is any interest then they need to get in contact right now.

Do let me know if you think you can help with this and/or please feel free to contact me by phone on 020 7157 4288 and I can tell you a little bit more.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Form models - misleading claims again!

Form models are now running a twitter account that claims they are a model agency when as their website clearly states they are no such thing. Form models is the name used by Neptune studios in Waterloo to entice models into attending shoots where they are sold expensive portfolios that they do
not need to apply to real model agencies.

Find out about Yahoo Reputation today. Yahoo Reputation is a reputation management company with a difference, they clear negative online content. They do not tie you into a contract or prolong the problem, just solve it. Check out Yahoo Reputation today.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hidden Camera TV Show

I was wondering if you were able to help me?

We're trying to find people between the ages of 18-30yr to take part in our hidden camera comedy show for E4. The idea behind the show is that you'd set up your boyfriend (or girlfriend) by introducing her/him to your family for the 1st time.

However the only catch is that it wouldn't be your real family but instead a bunch of actors! The family are quite quirky and a bit eccentric but the premise of the show is light-hearted and lots of fun and there's also an amazing prize up for grabs if they can stay the course. It is therefore important that your partner hasn't met your parents yet.

Can I ask you a few questions.

.           Are you currently in a relationship where your partner hasn't met your parents?

.           If so, how long have you two been together?

.           Has your partner met your parents yet or seen any photos of them?

.           Do you have any brothers or sisters or even step-siblings? Has your partner met them or know much about them?

It would be good to have a number for you so we can chat further. I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,

Emm Hobbs | Casting | 0207 202 2456 | @CastObjective

If you want to get into modelling and need a portfolio, try Kube Studios photography studios in London. If you need to sell your property fast, try Springbok Properties today.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Should I have to pay deposit to a model agency?

Did i need to pay deposit for model agency? Should I pay a deposit for a modelling agency?

If you have paid a deposit to meet with a model agency then it is almost certainly not actually a model agency at all. Deposits are normally taken by portfolio shoot companies that may appear to be model agencies by their use of the words "selected", "successful" or "chosen" but in reality all you have been offered is an expensive portfolio shoot even if they don't make any mention of costs.

Advice from model agency Now Models - do not pay for a portfolio and do not pay a deposit!

A genuine modelling agency will not ask for a deposit just to assess if you are suitable for their books. If you fail to turn up then that is your loss not theirs. A fake model agency that is actually a photo studio will want a deposit to ensure you arrive as they have paid photographers and makeup artists for the shoot and want to get your money to pay their costs.

Should I pay a deposit for a modelling agency?

Should I pay a deposit for a modelling agency?

For more information about how to find a modelling agency then search online or visit the Kube Studios website or Facebook page.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

New TV Show from Maverick Television

I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch, but I work for a television production company in London called Maverick TV and we are currently looking for people to take part in a brand new show.

We are looking for young people between the ages of 18-30  from all walks of life to answer a series of general knowledge questions for a new Tv show .We are looking for men and women from various backgrounds and professions to take part in some fun filming as part of a brand new show! Filming will take place at the end of July to early August in London, Bristol, Birmingham, and Manchester.

We are looking for a large number of people to be involved, so I was hoping you might be able to help us to spread the word. Filming should take no more than 20 minutes.  I would really appreciate it if you might be happy to forward on this information to any of your colleagues or friends. Anyone that would like to find out some more can  e-mail me directly or call me on the number below.

Many Thanks in advance


Toral Davda
Assistant Producer
40 Churchway
Tel. 0207 874 6667

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sky Living dating show The Love Machine presented by Stacey Soloman and Chris Moyles

I hope you can help me, I am looking for gorgeous single girls and guys for the new series of the hit Sky Living dating show 'The Love Machine' presented by Stacey Soloman and Chris Moyles. If our singles meet their perfect match they win a dream holidate abroad!

We are holding auditions in the next 2 weeks and filming in July so please can you help me spread the word by forwarding my email to any models on your books, colleagues, clients and anyone you know who might be up for it. Our flyer is attached to this email.

Thanks in advance.

Best wishes,

Lucie Rose
Assistant Producer
0207 985 1705
Sky Living dating show The Love Machine presented by Stacey Soloman and Chris Moyles
Sky Living dating show The Love Machine presented by Stacey Soloman and Chris Moyles

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Hidden Camera Comedy Show for Channel 4

I am currently working at Objective TV Production company, the programme makers behind Peep Show, Fresh Meat and The Cube.

We are trying to find people between the ages of 18-30 to take part in a hidden camera comedy show for Channel  4.
The idea behind the show is that an individual sets up their partner to meet their family.  The only hitch is it’s not their real family it’s a bunch of actors!  The family is quite quirky and a bit eccentric but the premise of the show is light-hearted and lots of fun.   

Hidden Camera Comedy Show for Channel 4
Hidden Camera Comedy Show for Channel 4
There is also an amazing prize up for grabs if they can stay the course.